Our Vision & Values

Our Vision

We are a place where you can Experience God, hear a practical and life changing message from God’s Word that will elevate your life & connect with community.

Our Mission

Our mission at ReviveChurch is to equip families to passionately follow Christ. We want families to Gather together, Grow in a life changing relationship with Jesus and Engage in ministry + our community.

Our Values

001 Presence Driven

We are building around the presence of God. We will not move, unless His presence goes with us. [Exodus 33:15]

002 Live Generously.

We believe it is better to give than to receive; to serve rather than to be served. We are generous with our time, our resources, our talents, and we look to serve others at all times with what we have. [Genesis 12:2]

003 Serve With Excellence.

Regardless of life circumstance, race, economic status, belief or background, we choose to serve and honor our city and surrounding community. [John 12:26]

004 God Encounters.

One encounter can change you, but daily encounters will sustain you. We want to experience God every day of our lives. [1 Corinthians 2:9-10]

005 Be Authentic.

We disciple through real relationships. We create an atmosphere for people to be open and honest by leading in vulnerability and transparency. [Luke 14:23]

006 Miracles Happen Here.

We believe that the same power that Jesus walked in is available to us.
[Matthew 10:7-8]
[Acts 19:8]